As Texas residents know, it is a very good idea to make financial plans and arrangements for our assets after death. After all, people want to guarantee that their money and property are in the right hands. This is why we have wills. However, in a recent story, a North Carolina woman made very specific and unusual estate plans.

According to a source, the North Carolina resident bequeathed $1 million to the North Carolina Zoo Society after her death so that the zoo could purchase land for animals. The woman passed away last May.

Specifically, the woman’s will says that the money should be used to buy one or more wilderness areas to benefit North Carolina wildlife. An article reports that the woman has been associated with this specific zoo for approximately 10 years. The zoo has stated that it is extremely happy to have been chosen to carry on the woman’s passion for nature.

The woman in this story had a very unique estate plan. Regardless of your desired estate plan, it is extremely important that you make structured arrangements for your assets. Passing without a will can have serious financial and emotional consequences–especially for your family or loved ones.

After experiencing a loss, people need time to mourn and should not be concerned about the financial situation that has resulted from the death of someone close. For this reason, if you have a specific plan for your assets after your death, you may want to speak to an attorney. A lawyer can assist you in drafting these complex documents and ensure that all financial matters are addressed.

Source: Greensboro News & Record, “Estate of Greensboro woman leaves $1 million to zoo,” Tina Firesheets, Jan. 30, 2012