Texas Michael Jackson fans may remember when the King of Pop and Pepsi teamed up for a commercial that went horribly wrong. A technical problem ignited Jackson’s scalp on fire, resulting in second degree burns. Nevertheless, in a strange estate administration decision, his estate and the drink company have once again combined forces to use his image on special edition Pepsi cans. While it may seem like an odd pairing after a rocky history together, it could become a profitable estate administration decision; his estate stands to make a lot of money for the use of his image.

For the new deal, Pepsi will use ‘silhouette imagery’ of the pop icon on their limited edition cans. They will also sponsor contests to give fans across the world an opportunity to win Michael Jackson memorabilia.

This icon rose to superstardom once he went solo and currently has the best-selling music album in history, Thriller. Jackson passed away in 2009 at the age of 50. This new deal will likely bring in money for Michael Jackson’s estate, and it could signal the beginning of many other deals using the pop legend’s likeness. Savvy estate administration appears to be the reason for this new deal.

Ultimately, those planning their estate may want to ensure someone responsible and unbiased is in charge of administration. Although it is unlikely that most individuals will obtain the level of stardom that Michael Jackson did, it is still important for people in the public eye to maintain their image even after they pass away. Ensuring a trustworthy party is slated to oversee one’s affairs can ensure the continued prosperity of an estate.

Source:, “Michael Jackson’s estate, Pepsi team up for Bad anniversary,” Ira Kantor, May 4, 2012