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If you do not make clear arrangements for your money in a comprehensive estate plan, your loved ones may find themselves debating over assets after you pass away. For example, due to the existence of multiple wills, Gary Coleman’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriend are currently battling over the former actor’s estate.

Many Texas residents probably remember Coleman from his regular appearance on “Diff’rent Strokes.” The show ran for six seasons on NBC and two seasons on ABC. Coleman’s famous catchphrase on the series, “Whatchu talking about Willis?” became his trademark.

The child TV star was taken off of life support in May 2010 after suffering a traumatic head injury after a fall at his home.

This case concerns which of Coleman’s multiple wills should direct the allocation of his assets. Wills for Coleman’s estate were drafted in both 1999 and 2005. The latter document names Coleman’s ex-girlfriend as his executor and heir. However, an amendment, which was hand-written by Coleman in 2007, names the actor’s ex-wife as his sole heir. It states that the document should replace any previous wills.

Ultimately, the decision turns on whether the presiding judge believes Coleman’s ongoing relationship with his former wife after their divorce constituted a common law marriage.

Coleman’s ex-wife asserts that even though the two divorced in 2008, they kept living together and represented themselves as married until he passed away.

On the other hand, another woman, the actor’s ex-girlfriend, claims that Coleman named her as a beneficiary and executor of his estate in 2005. This woman managed his business affairs for several years.

There is no exact number as to the worth of Coleman’s assets; however, court papers mention a $324,000 house and a pension.

Ultimately, legal specialists indicate that the case is more about future rights to Coleman’s name and brand than assets. Which woman will prevail?

It’s okay to change your mind when you are making estate plans. However, it is so important that any amendments that you make to your legal documents are in accordance with the law. If they are not, your estate may be distributed to an unintended person.

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