The Jackson family is currently in the news regarding an estate dispute. Now, the guardianship of the signer’s children is being examined and will likely be adjusted. The new feud comes after siblings questioned the estate administration and openly wondered if the singer’s will was faked. While Texas residents will likely not have their estate play out in public like Michael Jackson’s estate, the matter does reinforce the importance of assigning a trusted family member or friend as guardian of one’s minor children.

The “King of Pop” left nothing in his will for any of his siblings and transferred guardianship of his three children to his mother Katherine. However, a strange incident occurred where Katherine left the children for 10 days without any contact and was reported missing. While the judge does not believe there was an error made by her, he suspended the guardianship because she did not contact the children. Instead, TJ Jackson became the temporary guardian.

As a result, a petition will likely be filed that will give TJ and Katherine co-guardianship authority. Initially, Katherine was listed as the sole guardian, but now, TJ will be able to step in as well, potentially taking some of the pressure off of her. The new agreement will give TJ control of the home’s staff and input into daily operations.

The process of estate administration can be a tough job for anyone, but especially so if families are squabbling. However, when children are involved, the situation can escalate. Fortunately, the Jackson family appears to have settled this issue for now, and the children will remain with a guardian that they are familiar with.

Source:, “Plan seeks co-guardian for Michael Jackson’s kids,” Linda Deutsch, Aug. 1, 2012